Public Sculptures and Memorials

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A sculpture project in Belgium and France.

repeated in 2011,2015,2016,2018

The project was for 40 artists from Belgium and other countries to design their own


the designs were printed onto large panels which were

mounted on frames like headstones.

Legacy Legacy is what we leave behind, that causes the living to remember us. The image is made up of my sculptures in Marble and Bronze. The epitaph ‘A life well lived’ relates to my personal philosophy of living life to the fullest, while doing no harm to others.

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2017 August ‘Rain Dragon’ Bronze and Granite

Vattis Switzerland Tamina Mountains

I was commissioned to rework and existing water fountain/cattle trough in the village of Vattis. The logo of the village is the dragon. I created a dragon with 6 jets of water along it’s neck. The column is Swiss green granite. I carved and polished a water flow pattern into the  column which fed into the Dragon. The water feeding into the water feature comes from a mountain stream.

IMG_8480  IMG_8476



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2015 August ‘Resilience’ Greek Marble from Thassos.

Created to publicise de-stigmatise the issue of Mental illness.

667 589



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2015 June ‘Centenary of Anzac Memorial’ for Penshurst RSL Sub-Branch

Penshurst Sydney NSW Australia

The Monument is Laser etched Black Granite, with gilded text and painted and gilded bronze insignia and flags.

The eternal flame is a video presentation that runs while the club is open.


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2014 December The Newcastle Club, Newcastle NSW Australia

‘Cathedral of Mining’

Three layers of laser etched Perspex creating 3D image of an open cut mine.

The image is over a lift, and is side lit with LED lights

Mt Owen 11_BW FLATTENED ETCHED_edited-1

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2011 November Penshurst RSL Sub-Branch War Memorial

consisting of  Black polished and carved granite. bottom lit at night.

the project required excavation of a bank to make the amphitheatre , and included landscaping and planting of shrubs. Them soldiers represented are a Vietnam veteran and a serving soldier in Afghanistan.

Penshurst Sydney Australia




The design brief is to create a Contemporary War Memorial that honours the contribution and sacrifices made by military personnel in all theatres of war. The Army, Navy, RAAF and the women’s services are to be acknowledged. The site is to be a place of quiet contemplation with a calming ambiance.

Consideration has been given wheelchair access and sufficient space for ceremonial usage, such as ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and other important military occasions. Night lighting was also taken into account.

The Memorial is unique in Australia as it features a Vietnam Veteran and a Serving soldier from the Afghan conflict in the sculptural elements.

The decision was made on the basis that a lot has happened since WW1 and WWII.

It was time to acknowledge the contribution made by military personnel since that time.


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2009 August ‘Flight Form’  Vattis Switzerland

Swiss Marble, and Findling Stein

The sculpture is along a walking trail on the outskirts of Vattis Switzerland. The bird carved from Swiss Marble is mounted on a Findling Stein, which is a large boulder left by glacial action. the bird is not a particular type, but the local kids called it an angel bird. to me it summed up myself, a strange bird in a strange foreign land. However the people of Vattis made me extremely welcome.


DSC01601                                  DSC02139


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2005 July Quyang Heibei China

‘Lady in White’

White Marble.


 DSC00551          DSC00548

the opening ceremony was the largest I have seen. about 10,000 people.


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2004 Brusque SC Brazil

‘Sitting Pretty’

Brazilian Marble

brusque-2004 317

brusque-2004 318

brusque-2004 cropped

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2003 May ‘Sitting Pretty’


Sengcho International Sculpture Park

large format


sitting pretty korea copy    DSC00440


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2002 August ‘Black Diana’


Huian Fujian Provence China

BlackDiana1mod copy

AT WORK copy


with Fan Wei Min President of the China

Professional Sculptors Association

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2000 March ‘Memorial’


Bussan South Korea

Sponsored by the UN, the sculpture is located at the UN War Graves Memorial at Bussan South Korea. The sculpture is for Australia’s contribution to the UN and commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Korean War.

The theme of the sculptures is symbolic of the pain of separation between the North and the South. My sculpture has elements of the Korean flag, covered by the Australian Wedge Tail Eagle. the peak of the triangular section and the carving along the side is indicative of the rough mountainous terrain that Australian soldiers fought along. the gap between the sections is indicative of the separation between the north and the South and the pain suffered by families separated from their loved ones.





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2000 February Thredbo Village NSW Australia

‘Weather Form’

Aerated Concrete and Stainless Steel

Thredbo is a ski resort in the Snowy Mountains of NSW. The sculpture is indicative of the snow clouds that are eagerly waited for during the ski season.

cloudform thredbo copy

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1999 March “Cause and Effect’

Blackbutt Timber, Stainless Steel, and River Boulder.

The sculpture has a stainless steel butterfly wing inlayed on one size which is indicative of the Butterfly Effect. on the other a rounded river boulder is inset giving off the ripples flowing out. all tis is indicative of the principal of ‘Cause and Effect’

2017-01-09 THREDBO 1999 ADJUSTED


cause and effect marble copy

the maquette in marble and stainless steel.

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1999 January ‘Theatre Masks’

Drama, Comedy and Music. Young Peoples Theatre. Hamilton Newcastle NSW Australia

Carrara Marble and Gold Leaf

masks copy

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1997 ‘Flood Sculpture’ Maitland City Council Tourist Information Office. Maitland NSW Australia

Used hardwood power pole, Galvanised and Powder coated steel.

The poles are at the information centre and depict the height of various floods that have historically ravaged the City of Maitland. This was a group exercise by local sculptors, who each had a particular year to commemorate.

flood sculpture july 1997

2017-01-09 INSTALATION 001

2017-01-09 CLOUDS 001

Above the rain pattern is a perforated panel that collects rain and allows it to drip through and accentuated the rainfall.

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